Offseason Baseball Development Program

Where: West Michigan Muscle 2502 Saidla Rd. Kalamazoo, MI

Description: The WMM Baseball Development Program is meant for baseball players in middle school, high school, and college settings. This program will have different skills that are worked on based on the level of the player. Since this program is taking place in season for many athletes, fatigue management will be of the utmost importance to maximize gains for baseball while still allowing each player to perform at their current best. Players will be broken into different sessions based on what level they currently play at:

  • Middle School: focuses on speed and agility, motor control, and general movement patterns
  • High School: focuses on building strength, power, speed, and agility, with a coach’s assessment
  • College: individualized program based on the coach’s assessment
  • This program is meant to be done in season, unless you are a college player taking the summer off.

Why Baseball Players need to do this program:

  • Baseball players typically run into three different issues when trying to maximize performance:
    • Lack of ability to produce force: this happens often with younger and adolescent athletes or athletes of other ages that do not have adequate muscle mass to produce the force necessary to excel in their sport.
    • Lack of ability to control force: this issue is what leads to many injuries. If an athlete is strong in one part of their body but the rest of their body cannot control/slowdown a movement, the body is put in a prime position to get injured. This occurs in youth athletes all the way through the professional ranks.
    • Lack of sport-specific skill: although baseball-specific skills (hitting, throwing, etc.) will not be worked on directly during this program, general aspects that will help the athlete perform better will be developed. It is imperative that athletes continue to develop skills specific to their sport outside of this program with a quality coach.

Background of the Coach Running this Program:
Tyler Dundore has coached and interned over 1,000 hours at West Michigan Muscle and also interned at Cressey Sports Performance – Massachusetts from May-August of 2018 where he worked with middle school, high school, college, and professional baseball players ranging all the way to the major league level.

Pricing for the 8-week program:

  • Middle School: 3 days/week (Monday-Friday) $200 OR remote programming ONLY: $120
  • High School: 4-day option (Monday-Thursday) $320 OR remote programming ONLY: $120
  • High School: 3-day option (Monday-Wednesday) $240 OR remote programming ONLY $120.College: 6-day option in gym (Monday-Saturday) $400
  • For high school and college athletes there is a $50 one-time fee which covers your assessment and personal training for the first day. You will be assessed for muscular deficiencies, so a program can be tailored to your needs. In addition, Coach Dundore will take you through your entire workout the first day and explain every exercise in detail the next day you come in when your whole program is written.

Other services available at an extra cost:

  • A physical therapist is available by appointment either at the gym or in a clinical setting for any rehabilitation you need to complete from prior injuries.

For payment information, please contact Tyler Dundore at

summer baseball development program

summer baseball development program

summer baseball development program