Whether you are new to the olympic lifts or an elite level competitor we have what you need.

Our coaching style is very detail oriented. We want our clients to understand the whys and how’s of what we teach.

We offer a number of membership options to fit your goals and training needs:

olympic weightlifting michigan

Individual Weightlifting sessions

  • A one-hour session (not including warm up) dedicated to developing the lifts
  • Great for beginners looking to learn or improve the lifts in a one on one setting
  • For experienced lifters who want to address specific technical issues
  • Focus of the session can be determined by the client

olympic weighlifting coaching michigan

Barbell Basics

  • Group classes dedicated to beginning lifters
  • Cost effective
  • Great atmosphere for learning with people of similar experience
  • Programmed and led by one of our weightlifting coaches.


Barbell Club

  • Group class dedicated to intermediate or advanced weightlifters
  • 4 days/week of programming led by one of our weightlifting coaches
  • Group training promotes a friendly but competitive atmosphere

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Individualized Programming

  • Program developed specifically for you that addresses your weaknesses and technical limitations
  • Includes one-on-one sessions with your coach (frequency depends on your needs)
  • Provides the greatest development and rate of improvement
  • Great for lifters who are autonomous and driven

individual programming weightlifting

Remote Programming

  • Great for autonomous athletes
  • Program tailored to your individual needs
  • Includes video analysis (frequency depends on package)
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Weightlifting Team

  • Reserved for high level competitive weightlifters
  • Open to youth, junior, senior, and masters level lifters
  • Designed to develop and support elite weightlifters
  • If you are interested in joining our team please fill out our application here

competitive weightlifting team