Sports Performance Training

Our sports performance training is centered around teaching correct movement pattern and proper resistance training technique. Our coaching is very detail-oriented to ensure that every client we work with reaches their sport performance goals and reduces their risk of injury both in the gym and on the field. Our coaching staff is highly skilled and experienced working with athletes of all skill levels.

Each client will undergo an initial evaluation and consult where we will set a series of goals both short and long term. Once these goals are established we will tailor a program to your specific needs so we can help you reach new levels in your sport!

We offer a variety of sports performance training options including:

Summer Baseball Development Program

  • When: June 10th– August 3rd
  • Where: West Michigan Muscle 2502 Saidla Rd. Kalamazoo, MI
  • Description: The WMM Baseball Development Program is meant for baseball players in middle school, high school, and college settings. This program will have different skills that are worked on based on the level of the player. Since this program is taking place in season for many athletes, fatigue management will be of the utmost importance to maximize gains for baseball while still allowing each player to perform at their current best. Players will be broken into different sessions based on what level they currently play at.
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summer baseball development program

High School Sports Performance

The High School Sports Performance Class is designed to develop overall strength and refine movement patterns needed for sport. The class will utilize the olympic lifts along with general strength training to increase overall strength, power, and speed. The class will run twice a week on Tuesdays, Thursday from 4:00-5:30 and will be run in 5 week blocks. This Membership is limited to 10 spots to ensure each athlete gets individual attention from the coach. Please feel free to email questions to

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Individual Training

  • A one-hour session where you work directly with a coach on exercises specific to your needs
  • Great for those that are new to resistance training or those who need a little extra motivation.
  • For higher level athletes who need that extra attention to detail
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individual olympic lifting training

Small group training

  • Perfect for a group of friends or teammates who are training with the same goals in mind
  • More cost effective than individual training
  • Promotes a competitive atmosphere among the group
  • Provides motivation for the group members
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Team Training

  • Accommodates full sports teams
  • Great for off season work when school facilities are busy
  • Allows the team to train under highly educated coaches who have experience developing high level athletes
  • Includes baseline and post testing to track progress and ensure goals are being met.

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Sport Specific Classes

  • Open enrollment for athletes around the area to train for their sport
  • Promotes competition between athletes
  • Training is tailored to the athletes chosen sport
  • Included baseline and post testing so athletes can see their results and progress

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weight training

Individualized Programming

  • Includes 3 days of programming to be done on your own and a 1on1 training session with your coach per week
  • Great for motivated athletes who work well on their own
  • Ensures that the athlete is training effectively and efficiently towards their goals
  • Progress is monitored weekly by the athlete‚Äôs coach
  • Includes baseline and post testing
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